10 Tips When Building Your New Home

10 Tips When Building Your New Home

Building a home can be a daunting tasks with a lot of moving parts. It requires both a huge financial and time investment as well as being an emotional process.

Here are 10 tips to consider when building your new home:

  1. Research as much as possible
    When looking to build your home you can never do too much research. There are so many different things to consider and just as many variations. Begin your research by looking at as many homes as you can and take note of things that you see that you like and dislike. Talk to as many people as you can and visit display homes and of course research different builders on Builder Review.
  2. Make sure you read the entire contract before signing
    After decided to go with a specific design and builder make sure you go through the entire contract yourself as well as with a solicitor. Try and understand as much of the contract as you can before signing as you don’t want any unexpected surprises.
  3. Have some extra funds for unexpected expenses
    The home building process is alway never within budget. Have some extra funds set aside for unexpected expenses as they will happen.
  4. Create a Pinterest board or Houzz collection with ideas
    Use online idea collection websites like Pinterest and Houzz to collect, research and organise your ideas. This is often really enjoyable and helps with ensuring you have all your thoughts and ideas in one place.
  5. Ask about making changes during the building process
    You’re almost always bound to want to make changes mid way during the process. Check with the builder and enquire about what their rules and limitations are with changes and alterations.
  6. Remember to budget in landscaping
    Landscaping is often overlooked by many people. Everyone focuses on getting the home built and then at the end of the processes realises there still needs to be a driveway layed and proper landscaping organised. Make sure you budget appropriate funds and time for landscaping so you can move into your new home as quickly as possible.landscaping
  7. Don’t settle or back down
    When dealing with contracters, builders or vendors, don’t back down or settle especially when you have agreed on something else beforehand. There will always be issues that arise however, remember you are the customer so make sure “they get those tiles that you fell in love with”. Don’t settle otherwise you might regret it later when it’s too late.
  8. Expect to go over budget and over time
    Building a home is both an expensive and time consuming process with a lot of different moving parts and parties involved. Expected their to be issues, delays and extra costs. Plan to go over budget and over time and you won’t be suprised when it does happen.
  9. Visit your site and check on progress regularly
    Keep on top of the progress of your home and ensure it is on track with the plan. Visit your site and regularly check on the progress. If things are progressing slower than expected or planned, make sure you speak to the builder about to understand why this is happening and if there is anything that can de done.
  10. Record any issues or problems after handover
    Once your home is built go through it thoroughly with a fine tooth comb and record any issues or problems. Don’t be afraid to talk to your builders about it and make sure these issues get resolved.

Building your home can be a costly and emotional experience, however if done correctly and with the proper research it can be very rewarding and give you exactly what you are looking for.

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